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Organic products from the Estate

Organic products from the Estate

The “pantry”
of the Tuscan Bistro

Both the products used in the kitchen and those sold at Il Tuscan Bistro are the result of a careful and meticulous selection process: real excellencies of the food industry, as well as rare and top-quality specialties. Wide emphasis on organic and niche productions and on all those companies that offer high quality standards. We love to call them “the friends of the Tuscan Bistro”.
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Organic products
from Il Borro

Il Borro is an organic and sustainable estate. L’Orto del Borro vegetable garden respects the cycles of the seasons and the natural balance, while safeguarding the local varieties and crops. In addition to the production of seasonal vegetables and the raising of chickens of various breeds, Il Borro has recently started to produce ancient grain and spelt flour, as well as buckwheat to make homemade pasta, unrefined flour, blown grains and hardtacks. All products can be purchased by subscribing to Orto del Borro.
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Our wine cellar

The wine cellar of the Tuscan Bistro is inspired by Tuscan food and wine culture and it is the result of continuous research on regional food excellencies. In addition to prestigious and renowned labels, the wine list also includes a wide selection of small local products that enhance the Tuscan character of wine. The organic labels of Il Borro are certainly worthy of note as they enhance native vine varieties, such as Sangiovese, and international varieties that best represent the terroir of Il Borro.
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