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Dining with…Carapina’s Simone Bonini and his gourmet ice-cream

Start Date: 21 October 2016
Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Dining with…Carapina’s Simone Bonini and his gourmet ice-cream

October 21, 2016

On Thursday 26 October, a Frozen Menu will open the “Dining with….” series of dinners with our producers at the Tuscan Bistro. A triumph of flavours designed especially by chef Andrea Campani, which will conclude with Simone Bonini’s delectable gourmet ice-cream.
Simone Bonini, Florentine by birth and in spirit, is a true talent scout for the best in Italian products. In 2008 he conceived and founded Carapina, considered the new frontier in gourmet ice-cream, and above all in the catering industry, with its use of top quality raw ingredients and strictly seasonal products.

A not to be missed evening and a Frozen Menu!

Welcome Negroni cocktails and snacks

Mackerel, lemon and sage drink
Prosciutto and mozzarella
Beef carpaccio, parmesan cheese and truffles
Salt cod, chickpeas and rosemary
Braised beef with Sangiovese grapes

Dessert from “The best of CARAPINA” by Simone Bonini

The evening starts at 8.00pm

Price per person Euro 40.00, including beverages.

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