Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

The elegance
of Tuscan tradition

Perfect balance between simplicity and research

With its informal yet classy atmosphere, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro is a concept shop halfway between a restaurant and a wine bar: an innovative space focusing on excellence in all its different forms. Throughout the entire restaurant project, the Ferragamo family shared their vision with Chef Andrea Campani: simplicity and attention to sustainability, elegance and authenticity. These are values that can be found both in the dishes and in the atmosphere of the restaurants. Il Borro Tuscan Bistro offers a bistro-style menu with family and traditional dishes in which the raw materials are the real stars.

From farm to table

Ethics, which in a kitchen become simplicity, respect and attention to sustainability and the environment, are at the core of Tenuta Il Borro and the gastronomic offer of the Tuscan Bistro. Over the years, chef Andrea Campani has created a local network of small gastronomic artisans with the aim of offering the best of Tuscan gastronomic art.
Our cuisine

The taste
of tradition

Chef Andrea Campani’s dishes have the flavours of home and the extraordinary character of an innovative culinary vision.

Andrea Campani,
Executive Chef

“We wanted ll Borro Tuscan Bistro to be different, not in the sense of being artificially unconventional, but being free from pre-established patterns or labels. A simple but original idea, such as being able to enjoy brunch, an aperitif or dinner while maintaining high quality, different from that of everyday life.”
The team